Hafizabad Geographical Conditions

Brief description of the district

The reiver Chenab forms the Northern and North-Western boundary of the district. On the North-West touches Mandi Bahauddin, on the South lies Sheikhupura, on the West Sargodha district and on the East Gujranwala district. District Hafizabad is spread over an area of 2,367 square Kilometres and comprises the two tehsils of:

i) Hafizabad

ii) Pindi Bhattian

Climate and general soil conditions

The climate of the district is hot and dry during the summer and moderately cold in the winter. Owing to the proximity of the hills there is more rainfall in the East than the Western part of the district. May and June are the hottest months with temperature rising up to 48ºC. Monsoon starts usually from the midst of July and continues till September. The soil is alluvial and fertile. It is a flat strip of land running roughly East to West.