District Hafizabad

District at a Glance
Population (000 Numbers) 1,038
  Area (Square Kilometres) 2,367  
Population Density (per sq. km.) 439
  Tehsils / Towns Hafizabad and Pindi Bhattian  
  Main Crops Wheat, Rice and Sugarcane  
  Main Fruits Guava and Citrus.  
  Main Vegetables Onion, Potato, Cauliflower, Carrot, Matter Green and Turnip  
  Forest Resources (Area in Acres) 1,360.15  
  Mineral Resources (000 Numbers) Nil  
  Total Metal Roads (Km) 1,113.51  
  No. of Grid Stations 5  
  No. of Telephone : 72 Exchanges 32  
  Number of Industrial Units (Large Medium (000 Numbers) 224  
  Type of Industrial Units (000 Numbers) Agricultural Implements, Cold Storage, Flour Mills, Industrial Machinery, Jute Textile, Power Generation, Rice Mills, Sizing of Yarn and tile Composite.